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Professional Tax Resolution Services of Fort Myers, Florida

Tim Halcomb

If you are a taxpayer of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or any Southwest Florida community struggling with IRS tax problems, Pure Tax Resolution is your professional resource for tax resolution and IRS representation. We are proud to serve local individuals and businesses with comprehensive solutions for IRS back taxes, penalties, garnishments, audits, business tax debt, international tax problems, plus any other IRS problem you may encounter.  Our team of licensed tax relief attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs work with taxpayers of Lee, Charlotte, and Collier County to properly settle and prevent IRS tax problems. Call today to speak with directly with a tax attorney for a free consultation, and we will ensure your tax issues are addressed immediately. We are tax help you can trust!

  Tim Halcomb ~ President of Pure Tax Resolution

For Individuals

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

Affordable & convenient back tax settlement plans.

Tax Relief Attorneys

Expert IRS representation by licensed tax attorneys.

Stop Wage Garnishment & Levys

Our licensed tax attorneys can stop or avoid IRS collections.

IRS Audit Representation

Professional representation & consulting for IRS audits.

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For Businesses

Payroll Tax Settlement

Payroll tax debt relief and management solutions.

Worker Classification Matters

Properly classification for your employees and contractors.

Overstated Expense Matters

Helping you properly classify and file business expenses.

Tax Management & Bookkeeping

Innovative tax and accounting plans for your business.

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International Tax

FBAR Compliance

FBAR filing and compliance for your foreign assets.

FATCA Compliance

FATCA filing and compliance for your foreign assets.

International Employment

Tax resolution and consulting for international employees.

International Tax Consulting

Comprehensive planning & compliance for offshore investing.

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Fort Myers FL tax resolution

About Pure Tax Resolution of Fort Myers, FL

Founded by Tim Halcomb in 2008, Pure Tax Resolution was introduced to provide taxpayers of Lee, Charlotte, and Collier County a unique and refreshing approach to tax resolution and IRS representation. Our long list of satisfied clients have benefited from the quality of work and superior customer service our firm was built upon. If you are an individual or business owner struggling with tax problems, or need comprehensive tax accounting or consulting for your business, our licensed tax professionals are at your service. Pure Tax Resolution is comprised of ABA licensed tax relief attorneys and CPAs fully qualified to represent and negotiate with the IRS on behalf of our clients to secure convenient back tax forgiveness plans, or any other tax resolution.  With all the shady tax gimmicks on the TV, radio, and internet that taxpayers encounter, we look forward to providing a refreshing tax resolution alternative to Florida taxpayers in need of professional IRS representation in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or any other S.W. Florida area.

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Our Tax Resolution Specialties


IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Plans

IRS back taxes plague many taxpayers throughout Southwest Florida and across the state, and many struggle to find the professional IRS back tax forgiveness solution required to settle it.  If you are a local taxpayer of Cape Coral or Fort Myers with recent or lingering IRS back taxes, it's important to know there are IRS back tax forgiveness options for you, but you must take action as soon as possible.  Our licensed team of tax relief attorneys can pursue a convenient back tax forgiveness program that will reduce your tax debt liability, eliminate your tax debt, and keep your assets and wages safe.

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Solutions to Stop Wage Garnishment & Levys

Once the IRS decides to exercise a seizure or collection against you, you are facing the peak of your IRS tax problems.  Wage garnishments and bank levies impact many taxpayers of Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, and all surrounding SW Florida communities, but it can be resolved if you act immediately.  Our dedicated tax professionals can stop wage garnishment and levies in their tracks, usually within 24 hours of retaining our wage garnishment relief services.

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IRS Tax Penalty Abatement

In addition to nagging IRS back taxes, the IRS tacks on accruing penalties and interest as long as your tax debt remains outstanding.  Pure Tax Resolution offers IRS tax penalty abatement solutions that will reduce or even eliminate penalties and interest by negotiating the proper channels with the IRS.

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Tax Audit Representation

If facing an IRS audit of any kind, having the proper representation and guidance is key to properly navigating the audit and avoiding further IRS trouble. Our licensed tax relief attorneys are experts in IRS audit representation to ensure our clients safely settle their audits, no matter the nature or severity.

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Tax Relief Attorneys

When facing any kind of complicated IRS tax problem, it's crucial to have a licensed tax relief attorney on your side to provide expert IRS representation to negotiate your tax problems.  Behind every successful tax relief case for our Ft. Myers area clients is our team of professional tax relief attorneys working diligently for them, and they are prepared to exercise their exclusive IRS representation powers for you as well.

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Business Tax Resolution & Management

We take pride in seeing our Florida business clients succeed and grow, but many have faced complicated business tax problems at some point in time. Tax issues like payroll tax problems, or any other business tax problem can spell doom for a Florida business, so we work with Florida business owners to not only settle IRS tax problems, but also provide ongoing tax accounting and bookkeeping solutions to keep their business healthy and thriving.

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International Tax Resolution & Consulting

In addition to many domestic tax problems in the Lee County area, there are many residents that face complicated international tax problems has a result of offshore assets or international employment. With the ever-evolving tax guidelines the government enforces for international investors or employees, it's more and more difficult for those involved to stay compliant. We offer comprehensive international tax resolution strategies to help international employees remain tax compliant, and help protect the offshore assets for international investors through expert FBAR and FATCA compliance.

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Learn More About Our Comprehensive Tax Resolution Services

Our licensed team of tax resolution professionals are available for Fort Myers and Cape Coral taxpayers in need of proven IRS representation with superior customer service.  Our comprehensive tax resolution and management services are catered to the unique needs of individuals and businesses throughout Lee, Charlotte, and Collier County, available for our clients when they need us. Contact our tax attorneys today for a free consultation and expect nothing but a positive experience.


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