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Business Tax Help & Consulting for Fort Myers Business Owners

Helping Lee County business owners succeed with professional help for IRS problems, and affordable bookkeeping & tax management solutions

Are you a Lee County business owner struggling with business tax debt?

Do you have unfiled or misfiled business tax returns?

Is the IRS threatening to levy or close your business due to outstanding tax debt?

With a large number of hard-working business owners in the area looking to turn a profit, many of them encounter IRS tax problems at some point in time.  Regardless of the nature of a business tax problem, letting it linger can spell doom for any business.  The IRS takes business tax debt very seriously, and will levy your assets, and even close your business if your tax debt isn't addressed in time.

As a firm built on hard work and quality standards, Pure Tax Resolution takes pride in helping other local business owners maintain healthy tax compliance, and provide ongoing accounting and bookkeeping solutions to help their business remain healthy and profitable.  If you are a local business owner struggling with IRS debt, or would like help pointing your business in the right direction, our team of professional CPAs and tax attorneys are at your service!

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Our Business Tax Services

Payroll Tax Help & Compliance

Payroll tax debt is a very common issue that arises when trying to run a business with any number of employees. Unfortunately, a simple oversight or miscalculation can result in payroll tax debt, which can lead to a very hazardous situation for businesses. To resolve payroll tax debt and maintain healthy payroll management moving forward, Pure Tax Resolution provides Lee County business owners full-service payroll tax help and management solutions.

Worker Classification Consulting

The IRS requires any business owner to properly classify W-2 and 1099 workers based on certain criteria, and not complying can lead to intrusive audits and other hazardous tax problems for a business.  Pure Tax Resolution is comprised of expert business tax experts that can help you rectify and existing worker classification errors, and keep you compliant moving forward.

Business Deduction Compliance

Overzealous tax deductions can cause any number of IRS consequences for a Florida business owner. There's nothing wrong with trying to maximize your business tax deductions, but must it be done with careful consideration to avoid tax problems. We are here to help Lee County business owners properly file their tax deductions and steer clear of IRS difficulties.

Full-Service Accounting & Bookkeeping

One of our goals at Pure Resolution is to partner with local businesses to handle all their tax, accounting, and legal representation needs. For a flat, affordable monthly fee, we handle every aspect of a business's tax obligations, including profit/loss statements, bookkeeping, payroll, tax filing, and tax attorney representation. We aren't an everyday CPA or Accounting firm, but your partner in success to help you maintain growth and profitability.

Learn More About Our Comprehensive Business Tax Solutions

Our goal at Pure Tax Resolution is to provide Lee County business owners every resource they need to be successful.  From resolving hazardous business tax debt, to comprehensive tax management and consulting, our team of tax attorneys and CPAs are at your service. Contact our business tax help professionals today for a free consultation.

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