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International Tax Attorney Services for Fort Myers & Cape Coral Residents

We work with local taxpayers to their protect foreign investments

and resolve international tax issues

Are you a resident of Lee County experiencing tax problems with your offshore assets?

Are you looking to invest offshore and need international tax consulting?

Are you involved with international employment and need help with your tax compliance?

There are many questions and uncertainties that surround international tax regulations and reporting. Whether you are a Lee County resident with offshore assets, or you live in the area and are employed internationally or have international business entities, there are a variety of unique tax issues and obligations you will experience.  As these international tax regulations continue to evolve, we see more and more taxpayers struggle to keep up with them, and as a result, they end up in trouble with the IRS.  In addition to domestic IRS resolution, our licensed international tax attorneys and CPAs also specialize in a full suite of international tax resolution and consulting solutions.  Our goal is to help local taxpayers protect their foreign assets, or keep their international tax reporting obligations in line.

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Our International Tax Services

FBAR & FATCA Consulting

In the recent years, the Government has mandated complex regulations that dictate how U.S. residents invest offshore.  These regulations require certain documentation containing specific offshore asset information to be filed on time, and without error.  More specifically, these regulations are called FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) and FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act).  Within these regulations, you (and some cases your Foreign Financial Institution) are required to comply, or face serious financial or criminal penalties.  If you are a Lee County taxpayer facing any FBAR or FATCA reporting issues, or are looking to begin an offshore investment and need proper guidance, our team of international tax consultants are at your service.

International Tax Filing & Employment Matters

Many Lee County residents work internationally, or have offshore business entities that require unique tax preparation and filing.  Just like domestic tax reporting, there are serious IRS consequences if tax returns aren't file properly, or if taxes aren't paid on time.  Our team of international tax experts work with local taxpayers with international employment to resolve any internatinal tax complications, and help remain compliant moving forward.

Take Advantage of our International Tax Services

International tax problems are a serious matter that requires expert representation and consulting. We are here to help Lee County residents with international tax problems resolve them, and remain compliant moving forward. Contact us for a free phone consultation for all your international tax consulting needs.

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