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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Solutions for
Fort Myers & Cape Coral Taxpayers

Helping Fort Myers and Lee County Taxpayers Reduce & Settle IRS Back Taxes with Convenient Forgiveness Plans

IRS back taxes are easily the most common tax problem that local taxpayers face, and they can lead to a variety of hazardous issues if not addressed properly, and promptly.  Back taxes can stem from any variety of oversight or miscalculation on a tax return, so it's no wonder so many Florida taxpayers find themselves in need of professional back tax help.

Pure Tax Resolution has helped hundreds of Florida taxpayers pursue convenient back tax forgiveness plans, and keep their assets and wages safe. If you are a local taxpayer of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or any Lee County community with lingering back taxes, or are just receiving notice of deliquent taxes, it's in your best interest to step up and take action now.  Our team of licensed tax relief attorneys and CPAs will help you qualify for any number of convenient relief plans to reduce and settle your back tax debt.

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Strategies

Installment Agreement

The most common, and frequently obtainable IRS back tax forgiveness plan is an installment agreement granted by the IRS. To pursue a payment plan that suits your needs, a licensed tax attorney will have the ability to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, and achieve a personalized back tax payment plan based on your financial situation. Our back tax resolution team is available for Lee County taxpayers looking to pursue a IRS back tax installment plan.

Offer In Compromise (OIC)

Offer In Compromise is a program where the IRS grants an individual with significant tax debt a reduction to their outstanding tax balance (compromised amount). In order to achieve this program, a licensed tax professional must be able to present the necessary proof you qualify, due to an unique financial harship. We have helped hundreds of taxpayers qualify for an OIC, and may be able to do the same for you.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

Currently Not Collectible, or CNC Status, is a very desirable program for any taxpayers with back taxes, as the IRS suspends your tax debt obligation all together. As appealing as it sounds, you must have significant financial hardship that demonstrates you are unable to pay your tax debt and provide for you and your family. To achieve a CNC status, you must have a professional tax attorney provide expert IRS representation and properly negotiate your case with the IRS. Although CNC status is harder to obtain, our licensed tax professionals can help you pursue CNC status, if applicable.

Learn More About Our IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Solutions Available for Fort Myers and Cape Coral Taxpayers

Don't let IRS back taxes take over your life, as you have options to settle your back taxes, professionally and permanently. Pure Tax Resolution is equipped to provide you with expert IRS representation to achieve a convenient IRS back tax forgiveness strategy that suits your needs. If you are a Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or Lee County taxpayer ready to settle your IRS back taxes for good, contact us today for a free consultation with our licensed tax attorneys.

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