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Wage Garnishment Relief for Fort Myers and Cape Coral Taxpayers

Our licensed tax attorneys stop wage garnishment & protect the assets of Lee County taxpayers

If you are taxpayer of Lee County concerned about your assets or wages being seized by the IRS, it's important to grasp the gravity of the situation, and understand the options for help available to you. An IRS wage garnishment or levy is the pinnacle of your tax problem, and will ruin your capacity to support yourself, family, or keep your business intact.  Pure Tax Resolution helps Florida taxpayers stop wage garnishment and levies in their tracks, and rectify any tax issues to keep you compliant and collection-free moving forward.  We aren't in business to spread scare tactics to convince you to hire us, but facing an IRS collection is a very serious issue, and there is no way to sugar coat it.  Our team of licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents have the necessary power to stop your wage garnishment, and are available to help you today.

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The Facts of Wage Garnishment & Levys

Although wage garnishments and levies are a very serious matter, it's important that Fort Myers and Cape Coral taxpayers understand the nature of the IRS seizure process. It's understandable to be concerned about the welfare of your assets, but you should know that in any case of the IRS targeting you for a collection, you will receive ample notice before a wage garnishment or levy happens. If the IRS decides to seize your assets or wages, you will receive 2 notices via mail. The first notice is to alert you that there is a pending collection against you. The notice will spell out the reason for the action, and usually outlines a 30 day time window for you to take action to stop wage garnishment or levy. The second notice will be sent if you fail to consult professional assistance to stop wage garnishment and settle your tax debt within the given time window. At that point, the IRS will seize a portion of your paycheck, or levy your bank account, personal assets, or business assets.

Another problem local taxpayers have to deal with is the numerous IRS collection phone scams. These scammers find out who has a serious tax liability, and will call them to use scare tactics to try and steal money. If you ever get a phone call from someone claiming to be the IRS, threatening a collection against you unless you forfeit payment over the phone...DO NOT COMPLY. The IRS will ONLY contact you via official documentation through the mail. If you have any questions or concerns about IRS scams, contact us immediately and we can bring clarity to your situation, and construct a plan to stop wage garnishment or levies today.

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Wage garnishments and levies are an unfortunate reality for many Lee County individuals and businesses, but there are options to stop wage garnishment and regain your personal or professional future. Pure Tax Resolution will represent your best interests with the IRS, to formulate a comprehensive plan to stop wage garnishment, and settle your tax debt liability for good. We are available today for a free phone consultation; we look forward to protecting your hard-earned assets.

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