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Tax Audit Representation & Defense Strategies
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Our licensed tax attorneys help taxpayers of Lee, Collier, and Charlotte County properly settle and prevent IRS audits

In addition to many other tactics the IRS issues to monitor tax returns, audits are one of the most common tools used to fully evaluate tax returns and identify fraudulent activity. Although most audits are not serious and can be settled fairly painlessly, not having professional tax audit representation on your side can spell doom for any individual or business trying to properly resolve their audit.  If you are an individual or business owner of Lee, Collier, or Charlotte County, Florida being targeted for an IRS audit, Pure Tax Resolution provides expert tax audit representation to properly resolve your audit, and prevent them moving forward.  Our team of licensed tax attorneys will represent your best interest with the IRS, and work to rectify any tax return errors, and keep your personal assets or business safe.  Don't leave your personal or professional well-being at risk, consult professional IRS tax audit representation today.

Tax Audit Representation Fort Myers FL

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Is Tax Audit Representation Right For You?

In any case where you are facing an IRS audit, it's important to understand the unique nature of the audit, and the potential consequences involved.  Many S.W. Florida taxpayers might consider representing themselves to settle an audit, but if they understood the potential risks, they would most likely consult tax audit representation.  Representing yourself for an audit would be similar to opting to represent yourself in a court of law.  Is it legal? Of course.  Is it advisable? Of course not.

Even though it's highly advisable to consult professional tax audit representation, it's important we clarify that many audits don't result in serious penalties. But, many audits are a result of long-term errors with tax filing or fraud and will be subject to a "Field Audit". In this case, the IRS will show up at your home or place of business to audit your bookkeeping and tax records, and as expected, can lead to very hazardous penalties, financial and criminal.

In any scenario, we are here to help taxpayers of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or any surrounding S.W. Florida community navigate any kind of audit, and reconcile and tax filing issues to ensure an IRS audit doesn't arise again.

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IRS audits come in all shapes and sizes, but each one could evolve into a very hazardous situation if not handled properly.  With professional tax audit representation from Pure Tax Resolution, you are equipping yourself with expert IRS representation that will result in the best case scenario. For all your tax audit representation needs or questions in Lee, Collier, or Charlotte County, contact our tax attorneys today for a free personal consultation.

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