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Struggling with IRS Problems?
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Licensed Tax Relief Attorneys for Florida Taxpayers

Our team of licensed tax relief attorneys help taxpayers of Ft. Myers, and all local areas of Lee, Collier, and Charlotte County properly settle IRS tax problems

Are you an individual or business owner of Southwest Florida in need of IRS representation for your IRS problems?

Regardless of the severity of your IRS tax debt, the well-being of you and/or your business is at risk if your tax problems aren't settled properly.  With so much on the line when facing IRS tax debt, it's crucial to have a licensed, experienced tax relief attorney on your side to provide the necessary IRS representation you need.  The dedicated tax attorneys of Pure Tax Resolution are experts at helping taxpayers of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and S.W. Florida taxpayers put an end to their IRS debt, and protect their assets and wages. Our team of licensed tax attorneys provide a powerful legal advantage for our Florida clients that your every day CPA and Accountant cannot provide.

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Tax Relief Attorney Advantages

Expert IRS Representation

With the all-expansive powers that the IRS possesses, you must be able to access the proper IRS channels to negotiate a tax settlement.  This is why having a tax attorney on your side is crucial.  Our tax relief attorneys are ABA certified agents that have the exclusive ability to communicate with the IRS chain of command and provide expert IRS representation for our Fort Myers clients.

Diligent Negotiators

In addition to having full communication privileges, our tax attorneys are seasoned negotiators and understand what strings to pull based on our client's needs.  They have a full understanding of the U.S. tax codes, and use this knowledge in favor of our Florida clients.

Professional Ethics & Customer Service

As employees of Pure Tax Resolution, our tax attorneys are required to abide by a high standard of professional ethics and customer service when serving our Florida clients.  This is achieved by providing honest, convenient, and reliable communication for our clients, when they need us.

Up-Front Fees

Most legal professionals, including the tax law industry, charge hourly for their services, which leaves alot of unpredictable costs for clients.  Pure Tax Resolution offers every one of our clients up-front, flat-rate fees for tax relief attorney representation, allowing you to properly budget your tax settlement needs.

Learn More About Our Tax Attorney Advantages in Ft. Myers & Southwest Florida

If you are an individual or business owner of Lee, Collier, or Charlotte County facing IRS tax problems of any kind, don't put your personal and professional welfare in the hands of an amateur.  Having a licensed and dependable tax relief attorney on your side is your best chance of properly settling your tax problems. Contact us today for a free consultation, and see how our professional tax attorneys can be an asset to you.

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