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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness - Cape Coral Florida

Serving taxpayers of Cape Coral & Lee County with effective solutions to reduce and eliminate IRS back taxes

Pure Tax Resolution is an established tax resolution firm providing Cape Coral and Lee County taxpayers effective IRS representation to resolve their back taxes. No matter the age or severity of your back tax debt, it's important to know there are avenues to reduce and resolve your back taxes through affordable IRS back tax forgiveness programs. Our team of licensed tax relief attorneys and tax resolution professionals work with Cape Coral and Lee County taxpayers to secure any number of convenient back tax forgiveness plans, and provide exceptional customer service the entire way. 

If you are ready to discuss your options for IRS back tax forgiveness or solutions for any other IRS problem you are facing, our IRS representation experts are available to help you today.  Pure Tax Resolution was built on a foundation of proven results and customer satisfaction, a refreshing alternative to the countless marketers and faceless "1-800" tax relief gimmicks that flood our industry.  Contact us today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb, and our team of professionals will listen to your needs and explore your options for IRS back tax forgiveness in Cape Coral and Lee County, Florida.



IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Solutions Available For You

  1. Installment Plans: With expert IRS representation by our licensed tax attorneys, you can qualify for a convenient IRS installment plan. Since most taxpayers are unable to pay off their tax debt in a lump sum, the IRS offers installment plans where a taxpayer can pay off their tax debt in monthly, manageable installments.  In the meantime, the IRS also suspends any potential collections against your assets/wages.  To secure this back tax forgiveness plan, our tax professionals can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to secure an installment plan suited to your lifestyle.
  2. Offer In Compromise (OIC): In scenarios where a Cape Coral or Lee County taxpayer has a significant amount of tax debt, the IRS offers a plan called an OIC where your total tax delinquency is negotiated down to achieve a faster settlement.  An ideal back tax forgiveness solution for many, but you may only qualify for an OIC with the expert IRS representation by a licensed tax attorney.
  3. Currently Not Collectible (CNC): For Cape Coral and Lee County taxpayers with back taxes and significant financial hardship, the IRS may grant you a CNC status, where they place an indefinite suspension on your back tax collection.  The rarest of the IRS back tax forgiveness programs, you must satisfy certain unique conditions to qualify, and have a seasoned tax attorney to represent and negotiate on your behalf.
  4. Tax Penalty Abatement: Along with any back tax debt, the IRS will accrue interest and penalties as time goes on.  If you retain a professional tax firm to resolve your tax debt, they can also pursue tax penalty abatement, where the IRS agrees to reduce or even purge your tax penalty amount.


Learn More About Your Options for IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

 If you are an individual or business owner in Cape Coral or Lee County looking for expert IRS representation to settle your back taxes, our licensed tax law professionals are prepared to discuss your options for IRS back tax forgiveness. Contact our office today for a free consultation with our President, Tim Halcomb, and expect nothing but a positive experience.


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