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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Solutions for
Collier County, FL Taxpayers

Pure Tax Resolution offers expert IRS representation for Collier County taxpayers to secure affordable IRS back tax forgiveness plans

Are you a Collier County taxpayer victimized by back taxes or collections?

Do you need help rectifying your tax returns?

Are you a local business owner facing business tax problems?

For these, and any other IRS tax problems facing taxpayers of Collier County, FL, Pure Tax Resolution and our team of licensed tax attorneys are here to help.  With the expert IRS representation we provide for SW Florida taxpayers, you can secure a convenient and affordable IRS back tax forgiveness plan that will settle your back taxes for good.  From our SW Florida location, we are here to listen to your needs and quickly construct a viable plan to settle your tax problems. Our firm is comprised of licensed tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs that work together to help our Collier County clients pursue an IRS back tax forgiveness and tax relief plan that will properly settle their back tax problems. 
If you are an individual or business owner in Collier County ready to regain your financial freedom, we are available to speak with you right now!

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Solutions for Collier County Taxpayers

Installment Plans

Installment plan is simply a monthly payment plan to pay off your back taxes over time, and are a very realistic option for Collier County taxpayers looking to settle their back taxes. Since most taxpayers cannot simply pay off their back taxes in a lump sum, the IRS offers installment plans for taxpayers that have the proper IRS representation.  Our team of licensed tax relief attorneys represent our Florida clients to secure affordable installment plans that will resolve their tax debt, and keep their assets and wages safe. 


Offer In Compromise (OIC)

In situations where our Collier County clients have a significant amount of back tax debt, we look to secure an OIC, where through the expert negotiations of our tax attorneys the IRS agrees to accept less than the original tax debt balance.  If you are a Collier County taxpayer with a significant amount of tax debt, an OIC IRS back tax forgiveness plan might be an option for you.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

In situations where a taxpayer has a large tax debt balance, yet does not have the financial means to pay them, an CNC determination is sometimes granted by the IRS where the back tax balance is suspended.  Simply put, not all taxpayers can afford to support themselves and their families while paying off their back taxes at the same time.  Through the expert IRS representation by our tax attorneys, we can help Collier County taxpayers with financial harships pursue this IRS back tax forgiveness plan.

Penalty Abatements

If you have back taxes, you have penalties and interest as well.  Penalties and interest are accrued on top of your back tax debt as a mechanism to encourage Florida taxpayers to settle their back taxes sooner rather than later.  If your back taxes aren't addressed properly, you are looking at a slipper slope of growing penalties and interest.  With the expert representation by our tax attorneys, we can pursue a tax penalty abatement for you, where your tax penalties can be reduced, or even eliminated.

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Proudly serving taxpayers of Collier County and SW Florida, we are confident we can provide a convenient IRS Back Tax Forgiveness plan for you.  We are available right now to take your call or email. Contact our President, Tim Halcomb, today for a free consultation.

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